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    I have a new Verizon Treo 650, and a 512MB expansion card. I am trying to install a program (eWallet) with a *.exe extension, but the hotsync won't let me. Instead, I get the following error message:

    ERROR: The following file(s) could not be installed to the SecureDigital (SD) Card because there is no application on your handheld to open these files.
    If you have recently installed such an application, please run that application and then perform a HotSync operation.
    Install To Card synchronization failed
    Conduit Error: Unknown error. (1000)

    Can anyone give me a hint how to correct this? Thanks.
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    you need a 3rd party launcher to run apps from sd card. I use powerRun which is pretty straight forward ..hope this helps..
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    I run lots of apps off my SD card without a 3rd party launcher. It depends on how the apps are writtem. TCPMP, for example, and all the codecs reside on my SD card. If you have a card reader attached to your PC, try copying the files to the /PALM/Launcher/ directory on your card.
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    Most programs that don't run in the background can be installed directly (by QuickInstall) to the SD card.

    I think applications on SD card cannot hotsync their datafiles.

    I think e-wallet needs to be in the RAM for that reason. Ask the e-Wallet authors about this.
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    Are you trying to put the .EXE on the SD card with the installer? That'll not work. I believe that the .EXE is the windoze installer, and by running it on the windows machine it'll install the conduit(s) and have the palm installer install the palm executeable on the next sync...

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