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    Sorry for the long title, but it says it all pretty much. I've just upgraded from a Treo 600 to a 650. After installing all my old programs from backup, I've got a few bugs here and there as well as many redundant conduits from different Palm versions.

    I'd like to start from scratch and would like to know the easiest way to uninstall Palm (everything including conduits, backup files, etc.).

    I can use spotlight to search for "palm" and "conduit", but didn't know if there was a more sophisticated uninstall process (rather than just deleting all the palm files).

    Yes, I looked at the instructions on the PalmOne far as I can tell there is no "uninstall" option with the Palm DT bundled with the verizon 650.

    Any advice from folks who have done this? (I know, it's somewhat obsessive behavior ...)

    thanks in advance,

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    I have the same problem. After working with PalmOne for the past three days (and they have been VERY responsive) I determined at 4 this morning that my Verizon disk does not contain the installation program- only the upgrade, at least for Mac. The upgrade does not install the new conduits, like Contacts and Tasks. You can't uninstall it. You have to wipe it from the computer. I'm still waiting to find out how to get an install program.
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    Go to

    to download palm desktop 4.1

    And delete following before installing it

    Applications/Palm (this one could be anywhere but it is the one with the Palm app)

    Home/documents/palm/users/your username (this is the folder that contains all your palm data)

    And then before you do the first sync open hotsync and go to conduit settings and change the setting to Palm overwrites computer on everything.

    Hope this helps.

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