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    i am considering buying a treo 650 on price is amazingly low. seller says phone is brand new/still in sealed box. my question - if phone is unlocked, can i use it without contacting my present cellular provider? can i just put my current sim card in the new phone and it will work? i currently have aol. can i use my aol with the phone?
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    yahoo auctions?!?! man that place is chalk full of scams...

    also the fact that the price is amazingly is even worst
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    You will just be asking to be suckered. Anything less than $500 is almost certainly a scam. Even "normal" pricing can be a scam. Whatever you do, DO NOT send a check or money order. Even PayPal is not very safe (unless you fund it with a credit card). Pay directly with a credit card or use an escrow service like Be warned, however, there are a lot of escrow services which are scams too.

    See this thread for my experience getting scammed on a 650 on eBay:
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    Pretty wild. Looks like she, or someone pretending to be, posted in that thread today....

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