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    A couple of us on this board have confirmed that you cannot use hotsync for contacts and calendar AND use wirleess sync conduits. Only one or the other. Does anyone have a work-around? Thanks!
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    It seems to be an either/or scenario.

    Can't do both.
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    There were alot of problems with teh T600 and duplicate entries when both were enabled. Why would you want both?
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    I use both - I did so on my 600 & I do so now on my 650. WS disables the main PIM conduits of course (calendar contacts tasks memos) since those now all sync wirelessly). But I use the rest of the usual HotSync functions all the time. Daily. Hourly. I use HS for things like installing apps, for syncing Docs To Go - so there's still a need for HS, and it works fine.
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    Here is what my hot sync log says when I enable wirelss sync conduit. I just won't work with the hotsync conduit for contacts, address bk.

    OK AvantGo Connect
    OK Quick Install
    OK Media
    OK Calendar
    OK Contacts
    OK Tasks
    OK Memos
    Wireless Sync Conduit Start 05/27/05 19:54:51
    DeviceLock app not found on device. DeviceLock (Power-on Password Security App) settings will not be saved.
    Syncing Palm device 05/27/05 19:54:54
    Sync via: Sync (user initiated) 05/27/05 19:54:54
    An error occurred opening the 'AddressDB' handheld database 05/27/05 19:54:54
    HotSync Manager Error (16388): Attempt to open a database failed 05/27/05 19:54:54
    Unknown error. (80044004) 05/27/05 19:54:54
    Software - Up to date. 05/27/05 19:54:55
    Backups - Up to date. 05/27/05 19:54:55
    Wireless Sync Conduit Stop 05/27/05 19:54:55
    OK BackupBuddy


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