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    Im pretty bored in class so might as well make my own list as well

    - Cool colorful screen
    - Integrated Keyboard
    - Lighted keyboard - i love the new bright white lights makes it look even cooler with the screen in the dark.
    - SD Slot - use it as a mp3 player, movie player, etc...
    - Fast mobile browser - its no cable modem but can get to most websites
    - Directory Assistant - although it isnt included (its free) I consider this App as a must have. This software has saved me so much $$$ . Instead of calling 411 for 1.50, you can simply search and it will save the results for you in the directory book and also give you directions.
    - Clear speakerphone. Loud and clear.
    - MP3 - play mp3 ringtones, mp3 player is nice especially pTunes. (streamable)
    - Touchscreen
    - Call log - very detailed and easy to navigate.
    - "Mute" switch. I use this switch a lot. No need to press buttons, hold down volume buttons, once you hit the switch to silent, no sound goes off.

    - no WiFi
    - Chat feature not so good. I've tried AIM, verichat and so on however you cant beat the IM features on the Sidekick II.
    - Keyboard kind of too small . Takes time to get used to.
    - Buggy. Expect resets here and there.
    - speaker phone is loud however the earphone is kind of weak. sometimes hard to hear.
    - Camera - i expected a better camera out of this device (1mp?). No flash, poor quality when zoomed in, and taking closeup picture is terrible
    - Camcorder - Although it is a cool function I hardly use it since the quality is pretty bad.
    - Poor battery case. Very loose and cracky. (although there is a way to solve this problem)

    I've went through many different phones - Sidekick II, Sanyos, Samsungs, Nokias, etc... If you want to carry only one item then the treo 650 is for you. Its still a little bit buggy but it does everything you want. It can replace your regular phone, digital camera, and Ipod.

    If all you do is chat and dont need add on applications and such I highly recommend the Sidekick. I really miss the AIM feature.

    Hope I helped somehow
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    I might as well add this in here, i have noticed that the paint on the casing is chipping off in some places. I poked it with my fingernail and more came off. Its a little disappointing for such an expensive device, though i still love my Treo and still believe its the best phone/pda i have owned.
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