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    AM absolutely LOVING my Treo 600, new to this. Enjoy the phone and PDA aps, watching movies on the go and MP3s and all that stuff, thanks to help from Treocentral users.

    But my first headset purchase online stunk. It was garbage, poor quality microphone and audio on my end.

    Can anyone recommend a high quality headset which will let me use the phone and listen to audio with very good quality?

    Also, is there any simple solution, considering we do not have bluetooth on the 600, for playing audio from my 600 in my car?

    Thanks for any advice,

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    The standard grey Samsung wired headset works GREAT for calls and listening to music. You can get them rather cheaply on eBay. For listening to music in your car, the least expensive way is to use an adapter to allow the input of a 3.5mm jack and use a cassette adapter which are the same ones that come with CD players that allow you to play CDs through the cassette deck in the car.

    If you don't have a cassette player in your car, you can get an FM transmitter, but I haven't heard good reviews about their performance.
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    Thanks - what model number do you know? Not knowing that I found it hard to find.

    Is that made for the treo, or would I need an adapter?
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    No, I don't know the model number. From what I understand they only make one or two. I have the silver one. No adapter is needed. You can find one Samsung website or you can get one from eBay. I believe this is the seller I bought mine from:

    I was just on the Samsung site and see they have a stereo headset with a mic for one of their phones! I'm not sure if it'll work on a Treo 600. It's $24.99 on their site but it's out of stock. I'll try to find one on eBay.
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    Ok, I was just on eBay and took a look at the stereo headset from Samsung and unfortunately it doesn't use the standard 2.5mm jacks that most cell phones use. It has some rectangle shaped jack. You can see it here:

    The hands-free headset will work, though. Just not the stereo headset.

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