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    I just thought I would post this since my Treo650 has been running so well for nearly the past month. I haven't had to do a reset myself or experienced a soft reset of any kind since upgrading to the latest version of Chatter email on April 29th, and that reset was only because it's required to do an upgrade!

    I have sent and received hundreds of emails and text messages in that time, installed several new apps (datebk5, InstantText) and experienced no resets.

    Today Cingular/AT&T Edge seems to be funky so I did a soft reset to see if that fixed anything, but they seem to have some time of network issue, at least for the tower I am on right now.

    Overall, very pleased with the stability. It was never really bad for me before this last month anyway, but when I went to soft reset it just now it made me think "when was the last time I did this" and it's been QUITE some time.

    Additionally, I have probably only turned off the phone on the device 2x during this past month. For ALL the cellphones I have had over the years, that is just about a record, especially with GPRS/EDGE phones in my experience.

    For the record, I am using a Cingular Blue 650 bought direct from PalmOne, no software updates of any kind ever applied, so I am using the original ROM.
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    No, you're mistaken. I'm sure your Treo resets regularly when you're not looking. They all do. At least that's what the most vocal posters here say. If you read these forums more you'd know that.

    FWIW, my Treo resets no more than once a week, and those are all in Blazer (and mostly at once specific web site).
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    I'm sure your Treo resets regularly when you're not looking.
    The trick is to lock your SIM (via the Phone Lock option within Phone). Then if your Treo does reset while you're not around, you'll know because it will be sitting there waiting for you to enter your PIN when you come back.
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    Mine stopped resetting after I had it replaced...before it reset like 3-6 times every single day, now it resets once every 2-3 weeks and each time it happened while using TomTom without resets is sweet! :-)

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