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    I did a Froogle search and found a car charger for the 650 made by Naztech for $2.95. Since PalmOne sells its version for 10x the price, I'm wondering if there's a real quality or feature difference between the products. I don't want to save $20 and then fry my new 650...

    Does the PalmOne version do anything special that a generic version wouldn't - such as lights, beeps, switches....?

    And a question for those knowledgeable about the electronics inside a charger: Is a cheap version likely to be less safe or reliable?

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    I have always used the cheap chargers available on ebay for $5 and under and never had a problem. Whenever I or my wife get a new cell phone my first step is to go onto ebay and find a cheap car charger and second wall charger. Usually someone is selling these together and I end up paying $10 or so. They are no name knock-offs and feel real cheap. So far they work fine and I havent had a problem.
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    I got the palm branded charger for $10 at Just do a search for T5 car charger at and the palm one one should appear. It says its a T5 charger, but on the packaging it says T5 and Treo 650. I have never had much luck with cheap car chargers, but maybe that's just me.
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    I thought about buying a cheap charger online, but the shipping would more than double the price from the place I found it. I also read that some of the Naztech T650 car chargers didn't fit the T650 properly. I ended up purchasing a Palm-branded charger at CompUSA for $19.95, still $10 off what the thing costs at the PalmOne online store.
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    Thanks. I just bought the Palm-branded charger on for $12 and a 1GB SD card for $73...
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    The $2-$5 range is probably about right for the car chargers and stuff... Considering that I buy new ones from Motorola for most of their phones for around $5-$7 at reseller pricing (yes, they are making THAT much on those $29.99 chargers... argh...)

    However, I know with Motorola stuff that not using Motorola genuine accessories for your phones and such will void out the warrenty - not that there is a way to tell this unless you go running into your service center with all the accy's that are causing you issues.

    Keep in mind that other manufactures may do this as well - they might not like you using the off brand stuff - but there really is no functional difference.

    Just my $0.02.

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