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    I realize there's plenty of material in here regarding the custom ROM for GSM models. However, I've been unable to find a specific and clear answer to my question. Considering the value of the device, I need to be absolutely clear on what I am doing before I fiddle with custom ROMs and run the risk of frying my T650. So pardon me if this has been posted elsewhere already.

    I've used Shadowmite's ROM tool to try and create my custom ROM using version 1.2.3. My first run resulted in a negative number when I built the ROM, leading me to believe I added too many apps. However, I only added Snappermail, ZLauncher, PowerRun and Uninstall Manger. I've seen post of people who have added more than this. So, I re-started and stripped out all the junk (versamail, tour, etc.) and clicked the "build it" button without adding anything to the ROM. Still got a negative number.

    Fellow member Trippank used this (-) negative number as a reference to add his applications. But I'm not sure I understand his I'm staying away from it. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to work around it?

    I noticed that on my unlocked and unbranded T650 (GSM) phone, just about every application has an overlaid language file (address book, contacts, etc.) When I started deleting the non-English language files from a few of these, I finally got a positive number on the ROM space available. Is it safe to remove these files too? Prior to, I only removed the DefConnect language files.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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