When I got my new Treo 650 i passed my Treo 600 over to my loved. She has become very fond of the unit and we enjoy the possibilities of having two Treos give our communication.

Unfortunately the her Treo 600 has lost the M key. when she presses the m key she either gets the N key og the period key. The if she tries with the option+M key - gives either ? or period.

Does anyone knows what is wrong and how I fairly easily can get this fixed. I am used to repair electronics but are a bit reluctant on dismantling a unit like the Treo. To be honest I am a bit afraid of destroing the unit completely.

I have read the posting about how to open a Treo 600 but does anybody repaired missing keys with success? Does anybody have experience on missing key restored by any other way than return for repair?
Regards JensK