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    With my continued experiences with my Treo 650, which have so far included a good number of exchanges, I'm starting to think I should get insurance for the Treo 650, especially if I'm using it after my warranty is up.

    My carrier, Cingular, does not offer any sort of insurance on the Treo 650.

    What are the options? I've heard of stuff like adding it onto your homeowner's insurance and stuff. If you have a claim, does that drive up all your insurance? How challenging is dealing with this sort of thing through your insurance company? (I can just see the appraiser showing up to evaluate your... Treo... erm, yeah...)

    Are there other options? I have heard of stuff like BestBuy extended warranties and such which allow for in-store exchanges, but can I get that sort of thing post-purchase and when not purchased from that store? Convenience is key for me here.

    Insight welcome....
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    A Treo is something that you carry on your person, so it wouldn't be something that a homeowners policy would technically cover (unless it's destroyed/damaged in your home I guess).

    State Farm and perhaps other companies offer a Personal Articles Policy (PAP). With a PAP, you can add items such as your mobile laptop, cell phones, PDA's, and other valuables. Personally, I added my Treo 650, my laptop, and an expensive digital camera that I carry with me. My cost? $35/year. Could they cancel me after I make a claim? Sure. It's written in every insurance policy that they reserve the right to do so. So I will make sure that I don't use it to just get a new laptop, because that dishonestly then puts my Treo in jeopardy.

    You mentioned Besy Buy warranties: only applicable to items bought in the store, and even if you bought it in the store, you only have 30 days from the time of purchase to get the extended warranty.

    So your best bet would be to contact your current insurance provider and ask them if they have a PAP. I was told by State Farm that your PAP is NOT tied to your homeowners/renters insurance, so you aren't penalized for making a claim on either. I was also told that you don't have to have homeowners/renters insurance to get a PAP. You can walk in and ask for it as a new customer (this may vary state to state and agent to agent. My agent did allow this in Chicago). I hope this info helps a bit.
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    You mentioned Besy Buy warranties: only applicable to items bought in the store, and even if you bought it in the store, you only have 30 days from the time of purchase to get the extended warranty.
    Thing I also found out about them and others. Warranty exchange is good once. If something is bad... and you exchange it.... your warranty is over. I think it would be fair with the outrageous price of extended warranties that if you paid for 2 years, you were guaranteed to have a working product for 2 years. If that takes 10 exchanges of bad products to do it... then you get 10 exchanges. My kids CD player failed once after 7 days and I exchanged and got a replacement and that one failed after 32 days (replacement warranty was for 30 days). I had paid for a 2 year extended warranty... much good that did me... After 37 days I had to buy my kid a new CD player after paying for one plus an extended warranty..... My kid felt guilty for making me go to the store and him still not have a CD player.....

    New CD player I bought him was a different brand from a different store.
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    Having transferred from a Treo Sprint 600 to a Treo Cingular 650 as a result of a number of issues and the need to have international coverage I was dismayed to find that Cingular didn't offer insurance. Lockline who administor Sprints program had no interest in providing coverage to an individual. After much searching I did eventually find a company that provides insurance. His E-mail and number are: 1-800-800-1492 Ext 2173
    I got a $1000 of coverage (2 Treo 650's) for $120

    I have no association with the company.
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    I bought my Treo from Cingular at the same time as a buddy who bought two plus two non-Treo plus a 3000 minute plan, so he got attention and rolled me into his deal (I paid $150!!). The sales guy told me also that no insurance was available, but my buddy's receipt showed that he has insurance on all four for the usual price. Just an oversight I suppose. Now it will be interesting to see what happens when he has a problem with a Treo and a sales preceipt plus a few months of premium payment.
    Mike Caldwell

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