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    I'm developing a love-hate relationship with my Treo 650. It has been replaced a few times, and I'm getting really sick of this replacement cycle. Somehow, it seems to work perfectly until a sudden incident which kills it.

    My latest 650 replacement freezes when idle out of the box. Luckily, Cingular ships overnight (for free if you talk nice to the rep). That's my only consolation. Luckily, Cingular doesn't seem to be irritated with unusual ROMs. (It's not in their Terms and Conditions - not even a single mention of software of any type - and I *have* carefully read this over, so if they ever had objections, they would have no legal basis, and I exchanged a unit with updated ROM over a month and half ago and have not had any issues.)

    I seriously would like to use one of the stock (read: not custom) unbranded firmware installs - 1.15, 1.21, 1.23, etc. Having DUN built in results in incredible stability (the DUN hack is quite unreliable) and 1.23 and such brings improved memory and battery.

    Can anybody assess the risks associated? I would assume they *should* be minimal, but I'm just getting sick of swapping these 650s in and out, regardless of how quickly it can be done.

    EDIT: I can't type Fixed a typo and completed my thoughts better.
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    I recommend customizing the ROM to eliminate the extra language files, of nothing else. I think you can D/L a custom ROM that is just that, but I'd have to search for it and I reckon you can do that as well as I can. .
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    So far 3 "Perfect" and 0 other votes. I'm thinking that it *is* pretty reliable overall. It will be interesting to see how the numbers work out...
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    I upgraded without problems then made my custom ROM which included SnapperMail Ent., Hi-Launcher, ZLauncher, EWallet, BackupMan, PowerRun (after removing other languages and Versamail).
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