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    I am not looking for anything fancy. I just want my phone and PDA integrated into once device. I can't decide whether or not to get the 600 or the 650. As far as I can see, the biggest changes are the better screen, camera and blouetooth. Am I missing anything?

    I just want a solid working device. I don't add any extra software or need email or internet access. Just a PDA/Cell phone integrated with MS Outlook.

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    It depends on the price in your area. If they are close to the same price, then get the $650. If there is a huge $$$ savings for the 600 then get that. If you do not add any fancy apps, games, or surf the net/check e-mail with it then let $ me your deciding factor.

    Even now around me the 650 is only $15-$20 more than the 600, so I would just get the 650 if I did not already have one of them.
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    only other things i can think of are faster cpu, non volatile memory and battery is now removable.

    I'm pondering this myself, I have a treo 650 on order from dabs for 400 quid but its going to be a couple of weeks to get it. The main reason I am upgrading is my treo 600 is making the buzzing noise and none of the usual fixes are helping much. I have just seen the treo 600 for 200 quid ( and am tempted to get one and hang on for the 650. The prices on orange dropped quite a bit after 6 months. The truth is I don't really need any of the extra features of the 650, but if you have money to burn then why not? If you need the extra features then go for it, but if not I think you will be happy with the 600.
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    the best thing is to do lots of research. I myself just bought the 600 about a month ago. I used to have Sprint and they could only offer me (long time sprint customer) the 600 for about $350 OR the 650 for $450. That included my $150 discount. Now T Mobile had the 600 for $299 so I switched over to them for the 600. Each person has different needs but I could not justify having a $450 Treo and adding another $150-200 extra for accountrments (software, case, protective covers etc.). A $600 phone/pda combo (for me) was just not worth it.

    The 600 does everything I need it to do and I've no problems like buzzing or whatever. I find the internet to be very very fast so I always wonder how much faster the 650 is if I find my 600 to be quite speedy. No question the screen on the 650 is better, Bluetooth never interested me also, but for me it's not worth the extra $150 especially since in a year or year and a half, something much better will be out (and cheaper).
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    I have a Sprint Treo 600 and use it very heavily throughout the day. I wanted the 650 'cause of bluetooth, but from what I have read, it really is not the thing I thought it was. So, I purchased a Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter and gosh, it works great. I do not have caller id on the tooth (nor does the Motorola HS820 support it), but with CallFilter to announce calls and VoiceIt to push things through to the headset also with voice dialing capabilities, life with the 600 is great.

    In addition, stability is definitely an issue with the 650.


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