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    I just added internet connection to my tmobile line. I am connecting with "Tmobile internet" while can not connect with "Tmobile VPN" or "Tzones" services under connection option in preferences. Now that is ok as far I am able to connect but...... I am not able to use two services at same time while connected to internet. What I mean is, if I am listening to Ptunes I can not browse. Best is (or call it worst) when I connected Verichat and choose option "Always cnnected" I am not able to browse. I made sure that I am able to browse while connected to Verichat and getting messeges on Vision (sprint phone). So what is this mystery? I tried to browse using blazer Pro and Blazer (built in) on tmobile but only got error "the page download could not be completed. Please try again later". To be able to browse I had to close verichat, then go to connection option under preferences and disconnect Tmobile internet connection and try to open broswer again to connect to internet.

    Is this issue covered here? Is it my phone? Is it my connection (type) with Tmobile? I am really confused.

    Just FYI I am using unlocked Treo650 bought directly from PalmOne.
    Treo650/sprint PCS/Locked/unlimited vision & SMS (now international too)& 1000 mins for $65.
    Treo650/tmobile/Unlocked/on trial.
    Logitech Mobile Pro.
    Treo Wireless Headset.
    SE HBH660.
    Motorolla 810.
    Supertooth Bluetooth car kit.
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    T-Mobile Internet should be satisfactory connection to browse, verichat, etc. Verichat isn't in constant communication, so it's odd that disconnecting Verichat allows you to browse. Ptunes should have no effect as well, unless you are streaming at the time.

    I'm in Houston as well, and for the most part, don't have too many problems with my internet connection.

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