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    Have had my Verizon 650 for almost a week now. I have noticed a weird sound coming out of it every so often. It seems to be an adhoc event. Sometimes it happens when I am using an app and the app will lock up for a second after the sound stops. The Phone function is on when this is happening. The sound is like that of a high range piano chord. I'm wondering if it may have something to do with the I/R Port picking up a stray I/R signal. I've noticed this happening more frequently when in my den, where I have a Terk I/R for my Harmon Kardon AVR525 Receiver and a Logitech Wireless keyboard and mouse.

    Is there a sound that the 650 generates when an I/R signal is sensed?

    I can't find anything in the manual or PalmOne site regarding this.

    Any clues?
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    Well, when commuting on a train this morning the nise came back, again with no rhyme or reason, no consistency, and I was not near any I/R sources. No laptops nearby, etc...

    Again, this locks up the keyboard for a second or so after the sound plays.

    ANyone else getting an adhoc sound from time to time?
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    That's probably the "service tone", when you go in and out of coverage. You can turn that off in the Sound prefs.

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    I think that you are probably correct. I "tripped" over this just a little while ago. I happened to stumble across the Service Tone "On / Off" when trying to find the sound that it was making in the Sound Utility. It doesn't seem very intuitive to me that they hide this in the Tone Section. I would think it would be right there in the default Volume section of the Sound Utility. But, when I saw that my heart skipped a beat.... I know I'm losing it... as I suspected that this could have been the culprit. I'll give it a little longer to confirm.

    That was a brilliant assessment on your part.

    Thanks very much for getting back to me!!


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