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    So, I just purchased my Treo 650 on Verizon...

    Used a Blackberry 7750 before...

    Other than reading the sticky's here, is there some link, or msg dump that has an area for n00b's like myself, to get the coolest downloads, etc for my 650?

    apps, bugfixes, everything that is good and cool...

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    Well first off congratulations, I hope you get to love the device as much as I do. I dont know of any newbie area. As far as stuff to start with my favorite freebies are obfuscate (hide those useless ROM apps) and ledoff (turn off that worthless led light) they are easy to google. For usefull aplications search handango, palmgear and palmone software. If you have any specific questions let me know.
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    I found a couple of threads (one entitled something like "The 6 apps you can't live without") that discuss so many good applications it quickly enabled me to find out what other people were using their Treo's for.
    I also went through one of the links to check out the media player that is making the rounds and ended up scrolling through tons of palm software, freeware, shareware etc...
    Lastly, I actually read most of the owners manual on my 650 when I got it a week or so ago.
    So I am now a relatively educated Treo noob myself.


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