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    I purchased my Treo with the express purpose of managing my web servers remotely, so I don't have to run home and fire up the computer when there are problems. I'm trying to access my server control panel which runs on port 2222, so the address I use in any regular browser is When I try to do that on my Treo, I get "authentication error" messages. If I ignore the error messages and log in anyway, I'm returned to the login page with the same error message. Strangely enough, if I then type the URL again ( I can see the normal startup page that I see when logging in to the server from my home computer. Clicking on any link gives me another authentication error and the login page.

    Some of this is related to cookies...the control panel stores login information in a cookie, so it's logical that going back to the standard URL would show me the main page of the panel.

    Is there some sort of firewall going on here? Is it a setting that I can change?
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    This turns out to be 100% cookie related. If I turn off accepting cookies in the config, I can access this page just fine. I know, however, that there are many legitimate uses for cookies...I would rather not keep this off permanently. Can anyone suggest a better solution?

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