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    Sprint looks the cheapest out of Verizon and Cingular. Anyway, I'm in a big mess. I just bought the Sidekick ll and am planning on returning it. My problem is I don't know if they will take it back? What do you guys think? Will they take back my Sidekick ll ? I'm afraid to call the store and ask. lol Another thing is that I can't decide if I want a 600 or a 650. The 600 can't shoot video can it? What can the 650 do that the 600 can't? I have T-Mobile and the Treo 600 is with T-Mobile. If I get the 600 I won't have to pay the cancellation fee for T-Mobile. I kind of like T-Mobile. I heard that if the 600 isn't charged and the battery wears out, you lose all your data? This is the opposite with the Treo 650 right?

    So please help me decide, the Treo 600 or the Treo 650?
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    I've owned both... the 650 is a FAR better choice IMO. Better screen, Bluetooth, MUCH better camera w/ video app built in, better keybaord, faster processor. I'd never go back to the 600. Of course I replaced 5 600's in 5 months so maybe I'm biased.
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    Yes the 650 has a non volitile file system which means that you dont lose your data if the battery goes dead or if you drop it and the battery comes out. There is no comparison between the treo 650 and the 600. The screen on the 600 is like watching the world threw a dirty blurry window. The 650 kicks the 600s but in that and several other ways

    After useing the 650 for a month I looked back at my 600 and thought something was wrong with it, I did a reset but it didnt fix it, then I remembered the screen is always fuzzy on low resolution devices
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    I heard of a lot of people getting their 600 replaced. I think I'm gonna go for the 650. It looks better. So does the keyboard. I just hope that they take my sidekick back.
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    IF you choose the 600 over the 650 you gotta be very crazy or broke
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    I have read that a few times in disbelief "trying to decide between the T650 and T600". What!!! What!!!

    I quickly sold my T600 and gave verizon the 175.00 break fee the day the T650 was available.
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    Wow...everyone is thrilled w/the 650? I'm looking for anyone else who is disappointed with how very slow the 650 is....sometimes I think I should hit the speed dial again because it takes so long to begin dialing. I'm seriously considering going back to my 600! Only advantage I see in the 650 is a better camera (which I have separately anyway) and a little better screen outdoors, hardly worth the long delays in getting anything done on the d#@* thing! Very disappointed....
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    ...a screen that doesn't make me feel like an old man? A wireless headset WITHOUT carrying around something named dongle? A camera that if I decide to take a pic I don't have to standing on the sun for it to come out? Yeah, I'll take a little dialing delay. Geez, patience is a virtue. Stop. Then count to three. There's no phone call on earth that important.
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    Unless the 600 is less than half the price of the 650, don't even think about it.

    But if you really want one, I've got a Sprint 600 gathering dust....
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