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    Wondering if other users of Versamail have experienced. I have a Sprint T650 running 1.08 firmware. The problem is, whenever I get any html email with images, none of the images show up. They are all red x's, similar to a webpage with img src tags referencing an image url which is unavailable. I have download the entire message options selected an I have the amount of data to download set to 500 kb, and have confirmed that the messages are under that size. Still no images rendering in emails. Am I missing somthing in settings, or is this a Versamail fact of life? Please don't tell me about how great Snappermail is, I know it is. I have to get Versamail working...
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    Yes, I have the same problem, and no, I haven't found a solution.

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    Same issue here. I just did a search for 20 minutes & found no answers.
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    I just changed the search terms to:

    images versamail

    and found a number of responses. All seem to indicate images not possible. It is a quick search with concise responses.

    Kevin at P (aka P1) why doesn't your company fix this? Even emails from TC have this problem.
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    I think a hint lies in the manual when it states that Versamail provides BASIC html support, apparently an image is complex.
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    Do you have the browser set to not display images? I think the two are "linked"...
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    I have Blazer set to display images, but I have the same issue with HTML messages in Versamail.

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