For some odd reason, I can no longer add any new midi ringtones to my Treo 650.

I had added a dozen or so midi ringtones that were full 3-4 minute song titles, ranging from 20kb to 50kb in size. After messing around with Anvil (a midi editor), I decided to customize my midi ringtones by making them louder and also smaller in size by trimming the song lengths. I began the process of downloading the ringtones to my phone and deleting the older versions. I got through 4 succesful downloads, but on subsequent attempts, my phone began to crash when I would click OK at the ringtone name confirmation screen. This is the very last screen before the ringtone is merged into the midi database.

My sprint treo 650 very rarely crashes - if it does crash, it's usually when I'm playing a animation intensive game. I stress tested it after this problem with the midi files; everything seems to be working fine.

I deleted all of my old custom ringtones from the midi database but it didn't fix the situation. I deleted all of my orphaned save preference files - no help. I also deleted all of the A68 files highlighted by Uninstaller - no help.

I had 7 megs of free space before these crashes started. Now I have 8 megs. Space is not an issue.

I've seen other threads describing crash problems involving the midi database, but I cannot find any descriptions on how to fix the problem. I've tried a variety of searchs throughout the treo central forums, but nothing is turning up. I'm wondering if I maxed out my midi ringtone database, but deleting the added ringtones doesn't shrink the database down in size. I'm down to just the normal palmone supplied ringtones, and I still can't add any new midi ringtones.


Regards, asawadude