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    Hi I just got my Treo650 this week and have been busy setting it up and I am having some problems with iSync being able to see the Treo. When in iSync I go to the menu item Devices-->Enable Palm OS syncing I get the following error.

    The HotSync software is not properly installed or it has never been opened. Try opening HotSync Manager (in the Palm folder in your Applications folder ), then return to iSync and choose Devices > Enable Palm Syncing again.

    If you canít find HotSync Manager, you need to install the Palm Desktop 4.0 or later software. To download the latest version, visit

    Well have reinstalled the palm software 3 times and I am still getting this same error. I have tried to open HotSync Manager many times and I still get the same error. What am I not seeing?

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    Have you checked to see that the iSync Palm conduit is installed? It should be in the Conduits folder on your HD. It may not be automatically placed there by iSync.. you can download it from (the conduit and the iSync program are different things).

    There are more specific instructions on other threads, do a search here for iSync conduit.

    Good luck

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