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    When on the road, I sometimes need to download and save files from the internet. Some of these files are up to 40megabyes. When I try to download these files via Blazer webrowser, I get an error message. I think its because the size of the files are too large. Is there a way to have Blazer download files to the storage card. Also, what types of media files will RealPlayer play, does it play wma, mpeg and avi files?

    Also, is there a way to have VersaMail download e-mail and/or attachments to the storage card. I sometimes receive very large files (such as 10-20megabyte pdf files) via e-mail and I don't want the stuff sitting on my internal phone memory.

    If VersaMail or Blazer can't do the above...can any of you recommend good products that will.

    THanks for the help....
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    Hi Beefy,
    No, you cannot download files larger than 2MB via Blazer...As far as emails go, Snappermail will allow you to store all your emails to the card. You can configure it to move it at whatever intervals you want. Check out
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    any suggestions or alternatives?
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    Does anyone have any recommendations or insight? I was never aware of this limitation when purchasing the 650 and a main requirement for me, like jerky, I need to be able to download large pdf’s to the storage card review and resend these files.

    Are there positively no alternatives?!?!

    Thanks all!
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    Larger than 2mb?

    (From the Snapper Mail suggestion above.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    Larger than 2mb?

    (From the Snapper Mail suggestion above.)

    Ok...I understand that VersaMail has limitations on attachment and e-mail support via storage card which can be addressed by using SnapperMail.

    BUT...what about the problem on the download cap on Blazer (the webrowser that comes with the phone). I sometimes need to download quite large files sometimes up to 40 megs from the internet. Blazer seems to now allow me to do this nor allow me to save it to my storage card. Is there a way around this limitation or another program that someone would recommend.!!!

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