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    Has anyone found an NBA schedule/stats guide for PalmOS that you find useful?
  2. #2 has lot of doc files that you might find useful.

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    Street & Smith's Pro Basketball 2000-01 v.1.0 (the link is down the left side)

    Has every thing you could ask for, it's the OS version of the Street & Smith magazine. I downloaded the demo, and it includes a new viewer.

    I'm debating whether it's worth the $15. If they would update for trades etc. I would definitely buy.

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    I sent an e-mail regarding what would make the app. worth the $$. This was the (quick) response

    We are currently planning on updating the rosters as of the beginning of the

    All current customers will get an updated file at that time.

    We are also discussing a seperate stats database that would track weekly
    stats/transactions on weekly basis. The current database is meant as a
    preview fo the season, mirroring the Street & Smith's printed magazine.

    Thanks for your interest and suggestions, keep 'em coming!

    -Steve Curran
    Town Compass

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