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    Ok, I was one of those guys who bought a used 600 on eBay for a great price of $76 knowing the display was damaged. I had done my homework and honestly believed I could purchase a display for a reasonable price. To date, I have not found any hope of actually getting a display because for some reason the market dried up. Even states they don't know if they'll be able to get them.

    So, my options are send to Palm for a $179.00 flat rate repair (maybe?) bringing my total investment to $255.00 plus the cost of the sync/charge cable that I understand is not compatible with the 650. Or, bite the bullet and purchase the 650 for $399.00 (I can't get a straight answer from Verizon, first they say $299 but it advertises for $399)

    With the wisdom of the many members of this board, what say you???
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    I'm in the same boat....with a damaged 600.. I'll be intereste dto see what opinions are.

    Warren C.

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