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    All, I'm looking for a dead Treo 650 that won't boot due to a firmware flash goof. I hope to find a method to reflash dead ones, and furthermore, this will enable us to try a linux kernel on the phone and begin writing a open source operating system.

    If anyone has a dead phone that you can't do anything with, please let me know and I can throw some money your way in return...
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    thought i had a dead one last night while updating to 1.23 FW after pulling out the SD card too early, but everything worked out.

    Problem is that I STILL don't have GPRS (email/internet via Cingular) for over a week, and bluetooth is sketchy with my GPS. Everything worked great until a week ago.

    1.23 helped a little with memory but nothing else.

    I know I'm now off-topic, but are there any bluetooth debug utilities that can reset the BT on the treos? Hard resets didn't make any difference.

    Good luck with your dead Treo projects - sounds like a good plan.


    unlocked GSM/Cingular (pay-as-go)/ 1.23
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    Shadow- check your PM. I have an interesting opportunity for you in this arena, but it's sort of a limited time thing.
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    Bump, anyone? The above offer is not what I need. I need a phone which I can purchase for a nominal fee which never has to work again, so long as it can get into the bootloader. This is for further development of a open source alternative to the palm operating system, or rather, a linux port which a palm wrapper can run on.

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