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    So... being the dumb guy I am... I've been playing with some of the upgrades available here. This appears to be bad. My Rogers phone seems very crashy on the 1.15, 1.21 and 1.23 ROM images available from here. Sigh.

    So... does anyone have a copy of the Roger's origional firmware? Maybe someone can download it from their phone... ?
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    rogers uses the ROW of world...its the same thing you downloaded, and the same thing found on the unlocked gsm model, except yours is locked to rogers
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    Ok... but what version did Rogers ship? Why would my phone seem so unstable with all three available versions?
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    Then what is likely making my phone so unstable? Should I be taking it back to rogers for a replacement? It's under 30 days old.
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    For instance: VFSBackup does it's job, then the phone resets. Installing PocketTunes will cause contant reboots (requiring hard reset).
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    hey if its under the 30days, and has less than 30mins and less than xkB (i forgot what the number is) do it
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    Hrm. End of that rope. They won't just take it back. Is it possible for someone to construct a copy of the origional rom?
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    Honestly, it sounds like you've got some 3rd party apps doing something they shouldn't. I would do a complete hard reset and see if the problem(s) reoccur without any additional software.

    p.s. the firmware rogers ships with is 1.15

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