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    I'm curious to see if it's possible to physically install more memory into the treo 650 as it was once possible with the palm III - Vx via a hardware hack. A treo 650 with 64mb would be heaven.

    One other question. I currently own the verizon version of the 650 and I've read that the EVDO radio was disabled in the production model and that a firmware upgrade is all that's needed to get EVDO. Can someone verify that speculation? Thanks!
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    Yes, it's possible. No, it'll most likely never happen.

    It wouldn't be just hardware, it would require software also as the Treo 650's NVFS support is hard coded. So we'd have to create a custom rom to support the increased memory, then change it (which is not a fun job either as the SMD memory they used would be very difficult to be swapped.

    I think you should just learn to make do with what you have. When the linux variants of palm start coming out everything will be easy.

    EVDO comments: I have not yet seen the verizon models radio module, but I'd have a serious hard time believing they would re-invent the wheel. The CDMA module they created is already custom and one of a kind. I doubt it's possible for the treo to support evdo without a new radio design.

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