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    OK Guys,

    After doing extensive research on this subject I came to the conclusion that the only fix was to give up and have Alltel send another phoen. I have had theother phone for three days and have not had a single problem. It has the exact same setup/software/sync setting as the last one.

    The other phone was also rebooting by itself and have all sorts of other problems.

    Alltel was great about DOA'ing the unit and had another one to me the next day.
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    I have an unlocked GSM Treo 650 (Firmware 01.71, 1.20-ENA, Hardware A).

    With BT off, I have a power-on delay of about 1/4 of a second, but it always turns on.

    With BT on, I get the unresponsive power button problem. I press and release it fast, but the phone is still off. I have to press it the second time, and then it turns on.

    What I just noticed though, is that with bluetooth on, and the DUN also set to ON, the unresponsiveness is gone, and the 1/4 second delay is gone too! The phone turns on instanteneously and I always have to press the button only once. But then, of course, I can't use BT for anything else but the DUN (which I don't really need in the first place.) Can't use Blazer or send emails either...

    Anyone knows if Palm is aware of this issue and addressing it? Are they even going to have any firmware updates for the 650 in the future, now that they are busy releasing new models? I sure hope so...
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    I just started using BT with my GPS receiver. With BT ON my power button loses responsiveness. With BT OFF the power button works fine. My solution was to add a plugin to Zlauncher so I can quickly turn BT on/off as needed.

    Any one else find a better solution to this problem?

    If this great community can find a way to support 8GB SDNC cards then I would hope that we could find a solution to this problem!
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