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    Somehow broke my screen. Anyone have a parts phone that I could get a working screen from......or know where I can buy just a or used.

    Warren C
    Warren C.
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    You could try ebay for a broken treo 600 as is type you might be able to pick one up a little cheaper then you could buy just the screen
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    I'm in the same boat as you, and I have not found a source for the screen. If you find one, please let me know.

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    Have either of you taken your Treos apart yet? If we could read any markings off of the screen assembly, there might be a longshot possibility of cross-referencing the part number. I was thinking of doing the ebay-broken screen deal too but haven't been able to find a screen anywhere either. Very strange that they seemed to disappear like that. I found a couple of parts houses that say they have them, but they wanted $180 just for the part. That has to be a 200% markup.
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    I've taken the unit apart, but not the screen assembly yet. It looks like it could get messy, but it looks like I'm out of options. I'll separate the digitizer and LCD and I'll let you know what I find.

    After about 10 minutes, it's easy to see why Palm wants $179.00 to repair the screen. It's a very easy modular to remove, however replacing the LCD would be EXTREMELY difficult. I'm not saying it can't be done, but for reliable operation it would be best to replace the entire assembly. I could not find any markings on the LCD as it is simply a colored piece of glass with 3 flex circuits coming out. The main PCB is by WD with a possible part number WD-Y1616V FPC-2 94V=0C-1.

    If the entire assembly could be had for around $100.00, it would be a bargan. In my emails with, he indicated a price of $95 for the assembly however he is out of stock and actively looking in China for a supplier. I'm not holding my breath as this seems like a long shot.

    For now, it looks like I'm without a Treo until either a screen assembly becomes available, I sent it to Palm or I buy a 650.

    Good luck, hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Bond Jr
    I have a screen $100.00
    Hi James: I got your email about wanting to sell me a screen. Is this a new or used screen? Is it complete with digitizer, LCD and driver board? If it's new, where did it come from? If used, why are you selling it? What forms of payment do you except? What assurances do I have that I will receive what I paid for? Please post a picture of the screen in your reply (please reply to this post on Treo Central)

    Please excuse my skepticism as new screens have proven to be very difficult to obtain.

    Thanks as I would be interested it purchasing if we can get past a few technicalities.
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    do you have more than one screen availiable? i also need a new screen for my treo...and is it hard to replace my broken screen with your new screen? thanks
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    JB, I would also be interested in a screen, probably multiples. Post here or PM me.
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    I have a phone that is in 100% working condition, except for the radio. This would be a perfect unit for a screen replacement, as the unit is probably only about 3 months old. If you are interested, you can send me an IM at lmguthman (AOL) or call me at 312-493-6111.

  10. #10 <Try here... sum time they out of stock but email them and check cuz they hooked me up wit part that were "out of stock" kinda pricy... speaker phone speaker price me out to 35 bucks... plus they take paypal like EBAY gotta love that... "instant pay"... there email is took my dumb a$$ a minute to compute that (email: info at there a great part source but shippin was slow 3 weeks for speaker phone speaker (part number b004 main speaker)... but email me wit a response... luv, peace and turbo motor grease

    lookin out for my homie thats treo 600 pimpin it
    megaMaRz 313rd dEtRoIt

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