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    Is there a guide out there that tells you specifically what each program does? For instance, I hear you guys talk about Snapper Mail, or zlauncher etc. Where can I find out what all of the programs do so that I can then decide what i want to put on my Treo? Thanks!

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    Google's always a good way to start.
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    Searching at Palmgear or Handango will also give you info.
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    Hi Bill! Google was a great idea.

    May I also suggest: is a software seller. Product descriptions at this site are a good start, with user reviews attached at the bottom.

    Go to the site, do a search on the product you want, click on it's title in the returned screen to go to the full description page, scroll down thru the description and user reviews are at the bottom.

    Of course, TreoCentral has the same format in their software section. . . . .
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