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    So whats the best/stable ringer app for playing mp3's, cool sounds, etc?

    Cingular 680
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    I got my Treo 650 a coupla months ago and had to make the same decision. After a bunch of research and some experimentation with downloaded demos, I settled on a combination of mRing and Pocket-Tunes.

    I'm very happy. Both apps seem solid and well-designed, and have, thus far, performed flawlessly. Also, I've sent a couple of product inquiries to the Pocket-Tunes folks and have received prompt, friendly and informative answers. (Look for AAC support shortly!)

    All in all, getting MP3 ringtones set up was a puzzling process at first (and something that, frankly, for $400+ Treo's should do out of the box) but is now working just as I'd expect it to.

    - SFSlim

    ps. The whole reason I did this (bought mRing, Pocket-Tunes and a 1GB SD card) was so that I could get the interweb meme geek satisfaction of having my Treo play Bananaphone whenever I get a call. Yes, I am a loser.
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    O.o Bananaphone.... I'm scared... seriously

    And now for something completely different:

    I prefer Ringo Pro (not the latest version v4.29 and 4.32 work just fine) Doesn't require pTunes, works well, you can set up ringers for individual ppl, numbers, or groups. Good Stuff.
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    bananaphone got stuck in my head because of Opie and Anthony playing it over and over and over again! SO i have to have it on my ringer too.
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    Must get bannanaphone for ringtone!

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