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    got a new 650 from palm when my old one simply stopped.
    anyway, when i plug it in (literally for the first time),
    the charging light comes on, then, it boots, then you see the language screen, but in front comes a "extremely low battery, will shut down in 30 seconds". at this same moment, the charging light goes off!! indeed, it then shuts down.
    i haven't figured out a way to interrupt the shutdown in such a way tha the charging light stays on.
    has anyone heard of this??!?!?!?!?
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    i have the same thing going on... did you fix it? what happened? anyone have any solutions?

    i just got the phone and the exact same thing is going on with my phone...

    please help
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    Hi you two,

    I hope this isn't too simplistic a suggestion, but I just discovered this same behavior myself, by accident. I was working on a problem with my 650 last night, and at one point, I just left the battery out. Then, a few minutes later, I plugged the hotsync cable in, forgetting that the battery was out. Well, I got the exact same behavior that you two have described. Anyway, you say you both got replacement devices? I've had the experience of getting a replacement once, for my 680. When I received it, all there was was the Treo in bubble wrap in a small box. Guess what they didn't include? A new battery. I had to put my original battery in the new one before sending the old one back.

    Again, I know this is simple, and if I hadn't just experienced it, I wouldn't have suggested that your battery was missing.

    Good luck,
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    I just did a little experiment here. I removed my battery, then connected my Treo on the charger. Guess what? The EXACT behavior described by gurfc and foreversane!

    You are the men!

    Guys, if you are positive that your batteries are in place, then something must be wrong with the connectors. If that's the case, use a cotton swab with connection cleaner (usually sold in a spray can).

    Do NOT, I repeat, do not use something metallic to scratch the connectors. You could cause a short-circuit on your battery.

    Keep us updated.
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    I've used the cotton swab/cleaner suggestion. No dice.
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    I don't suppose you can borrow a different battery to try? The battery electronics could be dead.

    Also, when you cleaned both the battery AND the Treo's connector? Clean both, since it could be dirt/oxidation on either side.

    If that is still a no-go, try to slide a business card (folded to make it thicker) on the left side (opposite side to the battery connectors) to push the battery's connection tider together. Perhaps that could help.

    Good luck
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    I did try the battery switch, and got the same thing. I don't think it's the battery, though, because I can wiggle the connector and get the light to turn red and show "charging," as long as I hold it "just right."

    I'll try your other two suggestions, just in case. I'll let you know how it works out.

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    In that case you can use a cotton swab with connection cleaner. just try it perhaps your problem will be root out.

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