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    Does anyone know how to make the treo desktop look like the one in the picture here? I'm not saying I want to do that but I'm just curious how. Thanks.
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    I had seen this (or a very similar) picture once before on a different board. Someone from the UK said that this is the default Orange "phone app" background. No way for me to verify so I took his word.
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    me likey bery much =]
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    Believe me - you dont want it - Its diabolical to use
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    Quote Originally Posted by lufcmattylad
    Believe me - you dont want it - Its diabolical to use
    Looks very sexy though. I'll manage. Can I get it?
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    it looks purdy, very purdy...the text in the upper right hand corner looks exactly like that found on a new moto V series (colour screen)
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    maybe i totally missed something with what this means, but it says "Push to talk", is that like Nextel?
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    ^PTT (Push to talk) is now for nextel, some cdma providers and soon GSM

    but where did you see that (oh i see it now)

    in the upper right corner there is

    ORANGE (time i think 7:08)
    Date (10/10/04 i think)
    BT icon (off) Battery Signal strength
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    If you click the link in the first post of this thread, PTT is listed under "features" of the 650. hmmmmmmm...
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