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    I have a T600 and have ordered my VZW T650. Just wondering if anyone has any info on the relative battery life between the two?

    I found, with constant email syncing and phone use during a business-day, that the T600 would be completely drained (if not dead) by the time I got home. Has battery life improved, stayed-the-same, or worsened with the T650?

    Appreciate any insight!
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    If I used my 650 constantly, it would be dead by the end of the day. At least you can have 2 batteries with the 650!
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    My Sprint Treo 650 was down to 39% after such a 12 hour business day. (I did purchase a spare.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    You will probably tax the battery pretty hard if you use the browser a lot or make a lot of phone calls. By "a lot," I mean "at all" or "very sparingly!"

    No, really, The 650 packs a lot of puch and eats a lot of juice. I charge mine at work and at home. Just got the Siedo car charger this morning. I listen to pTunes nearly all of my waking hours.

    I haven't needed to get a spare. Just install Battery Graph and keep an eye on your usage.

    It helps if you turn the "phone" off at night. I use Treo Technician for this so that it turns off at 1am and on at 5:50. At 6:00 my RSS reader (QuickNews, which I rave about) fetches all of my RSS feeds.
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    With radio off it does great. On a recent trip to Washington DC, I watched 2 full length movies, listened to about 45 minutes of mp3's, checked email when we landed, replied to half a dozen, listened to voicemail, and returned one call that lasted about 5 minutes. After all that, the battery showed 67% remaining. Granted, we don't normally operate without the radio on. That just shows how much the radio drains the battery.
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    Although I'm still writing up the report I can say the following:

    1. With OEM 1800mAh battery: power from 06h06 to 22h34
    2. With Mugen 2200mAh batter: power from 06h48 to 03h18

    Beam on, BT on, EDGE connected with chattermail connected and checking every 1 min (its either that or on push mode), default backlight intensity, screen off 1min

    Minor SMSing, (at most 20) and about 1 - 2hr game playing bejeweled2

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