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    First post...and posting on my Treo 650...

    Is it possible to sync my individual iCal calenders to my Treo...perhaps as categories...

    Or can I just create the corresponding calenders on my Treo and events will sync into their appropriate calender...

    Running 10.4.1, syncing with iSync successfully to my VZW 650.

    Thanks in advance...

    Dirty South
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    Currently it is not possible to sync iCal with the T650 and have the different calendars translate into categories. It is not possible to go the other direction either. Any new event you create in iCal will show up on the T650 as unfiled. Any new event created on the T650 will show up in iCal as unfiled.

    Mark/Space, the creators of Missing Sync, are supposedly developing their own Addressbook and iCal conduits that will sync iCal calendars and Addressbook Groups with their respective categories on the T650. However, I have no idea as to when that is expected to be completed.

    I have to admit that while I usually have great praise for Apple, I am extremely disappointed in their apparent lack of desire to make syncing with Palm devices a priority.
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    Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. It's somewhat unbelievabe that no one has made a new conduit for iSync...and that Apple has not addressed the issue...hopefully someone will get their act together soon...

    Thanks again,

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    This is a painful discovery. I switched from Entourage, which had this ability to try the "mac" apps. I was pleased untill finding out about the categories. I have gotten used to using iCal, Address Book and MSMemo...still using Entourage on a PB though......
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    I actually like the fact that everything I originally input into my treo 650 comes up as unfiled in iCal because I can see which events are newly added. However, I agree that it's a pain that everything switches to unfiled on my treo 650. Even if I changed the categories on my treo, it switches everything to unfiled after i sync. Any updates on when they're going to fix this?

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