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    We, in Europe use alot the SMS delivery message, that is a reply message that the SMS has been delivered to sender .

    I'm dissapointed that PalmOne haven't implemented this even in 650.

    Any ideas or third party applications ???

    Waiting for your replies
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    I'm also disappointed that this is missing as I have always relied on this feature especially when sending SMS abroad. I think the main reason for this is that the Treo line is primarily aimed at the North American market, still disappointing as I don't imagine it would be difficult to implement.

    Katris: The only solution I have found was switching to Orange in the UK where you can prefix your SMS with a code which will request a delivery report. Not all networks support this but It might be worth speaking to your service provider to see if this is a possibility.

    I did email PalmOne to ask about this feature and they promptly replied:

    "....with regard to your issue, Treo 650 donít have the SMS delivery report feature, the only indication that your SMS is sent is when the sender reply to your SMS......."* *

    Now why didn't I think of that? I was reassured that this feature would be available in future updates. Whether this means the next generation of Treos or a software update is anyone's guess. I might email them back to ask. At the very least I should get an amusing reply.
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    What is the code you use on Orange network for requesting receipt in an SMS ?
    is it written within the message or a prefix to phone number ?

    For an alternative maybe we can use FunSMS (or other sms app) to request receipts.
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    The code for Orange is RCT and it is written within the actual text message. O2 also have this feature although I can't think of the code at the moment. As for using FunSMS the Treo version sadly doesn't offer delivery reports but the developer (very helpful chap) seemed keen on some people beta testing that version. Which reminds me that I must get back to him about that.......I don't know of any other applications that support this.
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    The 650 most certainly does support sms return receipts. However they appear to not be enabled on the cellular networks. The code is there. Do a search for previous posts of mine. You'll find I hacked a version of the text application here at the forum to enable this.
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    Shadow I was about to say the same, I remember we (YOU with a bit of snooping from me) uncovered it months back.

    Nice to see posts from you again.
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    I found the related thread here:

    is it possible to use this overlay with GSM version ?

    Another question is :
    would it be possible to see GSM base station ID/name somehow ?
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    it doesn't seem to work on my GSM Treo 650. (I tried both files overlay and application itself)

    well it sends a request for receipt, and puts a question mark on message header but nothing is received...
    why ?

    ACTUALLY, I can't find the option in preferences when I update the app with the patch. There is no difference in the preferences forms.

    when I use the new texter application (237KB), I get the following crash error whenever an sms is received.
    "DataMgr.c, Line:7564, Invalid uniqueID passed" while running "Nexter 2.0"

    Shadowmite, I am attaching my (GSM) Nexter app and overlay. Can you ave a look at them ?

    as to my GSM network's receipt compatibility : I know that it's compatible because I can use them with my Nokia phone.
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    I'll have a look at them... I'd love to finally test this on a GSM phone where it should work.
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    thanks shadowmite
    I'd be glad to test it on my phone.
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    The Kyocera 7135 smartphone does SMS receipts.
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    For those on Sunrise Switzerland the easiest way is to add
    a # in front of the message to get a delivery report.

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    hey Shadowmite,

    did you find out anything for us , GSM users ?
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    My unlocked GSM has under preferences/messages the option to Request Receipts but strangely only for MMS. It can be set to When Delivered, When Read, Both or Never.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgm
    My unlocked GSM has under preferences/messages the option to Request Receipts but strangely only for MMS. It can be set to When Delivered, When Read, Both or Never.
    This is not new...
    we already know there IS receipt option for MMS. We are seeking sms receipt option here.
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    With Wind in Italy the code is *N# in front of the message

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    *N# or # or RCT didn'T work for me.
    however, when I send an sms with *N# it doesn't show up on the receiving side.
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    I guess Shadowmite didn't have time to check it. Anyone lse interested in this ?
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    These codes are not working for me either. I'm on VODAFONE GREECE
    All these techniques I tried, with the prcs that Shadowmite have done, caused resets to my TREO ...

    Any other hopes ???
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    Anyone knowning what code to use for Orange France ? Thanks in advance
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