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    Just wanted to share the good news with those with main speaker (the one for your ear, NOT the speakerphone) problems that it is fixable. Mine's been fixed and working great! Before the fix, I could only use the speakerphone or a headset (no sound from the main speaker), but now its as good as new.

    To clarify, the seems to be 2 common causes for speaker problems.
    #1 - headset jack misconnection, which makes the treo think that a headset is plugged in
    #2 - dead speaker.

    After ruling out the cause #1 by twiddling endlessly with the jack (and separating the contacts) as per instructions in other posts. I opened up the Treo and tried connecting the speaker connections to an external speaker (I used a headset, it worked). I concluded that I had a dead speaker.

    I called PalmOne and they said that this was not a common problem (BS!) and offered to replace the phone (out of warranty) for USD155, which I thought was ridiculous.

    I finally took the phone down to a local cellphone repair shop and the convinced the engineer (he was reluctant as this was his first Treo 600) to take it apart and retrofit another speaker into it. I'm not sure what speaker he used, but MYR40 (about 10 bucks USD!) and 10 minutes later, I had a working Treo 600!!

    I'm afraid I don't know exactly what part he used, but its obvious that its a replaceable item. For those who have the same problem, give this a try and good luck!
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    Thanks for the excellent idea! The sound from the main speaker of my Treo went bad yesterday (probably dropped it one too many times). After taking it apart, finding no loose connections, still no sound. After checking TreoCentral and finding this post, I pulled a speaker from an old cell phone, made it fit (it was a bit bigger than the original), and everything is working now!!
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    Is there any certain type of speaker that is needed for this replacement? how did you find a local cell phone repair shop, does any cell phone store do these types of repairs?
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    Robert99, glad to hear you got yours working too!

    Superphred, i vaguely remember reading a post (you can do a quick search) that a 32 ohm speaker is required. I tried fitting a couple of speakers from old headsets etc but they were too big, so size is an issue. As for finding a local cell phone repair shop, I found mine in Kuala Lumpur in the Suria mall under the Petronas Twin Towers. These shops are fairly common in KL but I guess I wouldn't know about your neck of the woods. As I mentioned, the repair guy was reluctant to open it but I showed him how. However, once he saw the defective speaker, he was immediately confident that he could retrofit something so I would assume that a competent engineer could do a fix fairly easily. Best of luck finding someone to fix yours!

    Incidently, this is off topic but my latest bit of fun with the "old" Treo 600 is adding a Jabra A210 bluetooth adaptor to the unit so that my BT headset works with it. Cool stuff! Throw in VoiceLauncher and now I'm even playing my MP3s thru the BT headset! There's life in this old dog yet!

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