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    anyone ever ordered from here

    9 bucks for 15 isnt bad
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    damn..that is a deal!

    i dont have money..or id order.but if there as good as boxwave or treocentral
    ill be in screen protector heaven!
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    martin fields overlay plus.

    I tried javoedge protectors but wasn't happy. the overlayplus products are incredible!

    the reviews are accurate.... "a properly installed overlay protector is like... a brand new screen. no kidding!"
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    yea i have martin fields as well but i was wondering anyone tried screen guardz
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    Yes, I ordered screenguardz last week for the treo 650 and I received them in two days. I'm in California. Personally, they are exactly what I was looking for (well, they are for my wife's Treo, but its still my toy when i have some free time .. I like them because they are truly NON-adhesive.. true static cling.. its very easy to put them on and take them off if you need to realign it. Are the boxwave like this or is there light adhesive on the boxwaves??? And by the way the screenguardz directions are correct.. if you don't get all the bubbles out when you first put it on, most if not all will be gone within a day or two.
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    i seee
    but how was the reseult when it was put on

    any haziness or fog
    the boxwaves make the screen pop..and they look really clear
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    no haziness or fog, there is no adhesive, just a thin clear flexible film (not stiff like some protectors). doesn't make the screen pop, but doesn't change it in any negative way either.
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    ill give it a try i guess

    although...i noticed with the non adhesive ones...the edges come up
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    You all should give G2's a try. (

    I have mine on for over a year now. I just take it off and wash it and put it back on.

    Non-adhesive, and fits between the edge of the frame and the screen. I originally bought my pack of two in Oct 2003 with my origianl Treo 600. I replaced my first one without thinking I could wash it.

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    ya but this deal is amazing
    15 for $10!!

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