Is there a utlity that will allow a user on the favorite tabs below the dialpad screen, to scroll straight across to the right, to get the additional favorites columns( to get to the 2nd, 3rd... 'pages' screen of favorite tabs), rather than going down and then across to the right.

So for example, the default favorites tabs under the dial pad are 'contacts' and then to the right of it 'call log'. I would like to be able to continue to scroll to the right (after call log), to get the top row of the favorites tabs on 'page 2' (so to speak), of the favorites tabs. Now with the way it is, I have to scroll down 2 rows, then scroll 2 columns over to the right , and then scroll 2 rows back up back up.

'My way' I would just scroll over 2 columns in 1 direction 1 time.
(arent we spoiled with technology ).

This seems like a useful utility that makes perfect sense to me.