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    I used to use Yahoo/Starfish's Truesynch Plus so I could sych my yahoo/outlook/desktop/device. But I just bought a Handspring Deluxe and have had no luck, can you all share your experiences with me and this product? Or alternatives?

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    I've been using Truesync to sync my Palm desktop, my Visor Deluxe, and my yahoo account. I used to have problems with entries being duplicated, but it doesn't happen that much anymore.

    If you use outlook on your desktop, you could use fusionone. It works with outlook (but not eudora or the palm desktop, which is why I stayed away from it.) Also, it allows you to access your account on the web via, and you can sync the same info (and files, up to 25 MB) to multiple computers (eg one at home, one at work, etc).

    Both fusionone and yahoo allow you to access your acocunt via a web enabled cell phone, and dial or email directly from your phone.

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