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    I purchased a iMate PDA2K over the Treo 650 a few months ago. The primary reason I did was for the PDA2K's built-in WiFi abilities. After having the phone for a few months I've come to realize that I never use the WiFi abilities on it anyway (I have a laptop with WiFi) and all of my data is via GPRS on T-Mobile. Also the PDA2K has many subtle and not-so-subtle bugs that can be annoying. The most glaring of which to me is that I cannot, for the life of me, get the PDA2K to be used as a Bluetooth modem so that my PowerBook can get on the Internet. Searching on iMate's support forums and e-mailing their support department has turned up no solution to this. I had a Nokia 3650 before that worked flawlessly in this department and I sorely miss this functionality.

    So now I'm thinking that perhaps I made the wrong decision and that I should have gotten a 650. I'd like to hear from fellow Treo 650 users especially if they also have used a PDA2K in the past. Are there any Treo 650 users using their phones to connect to the Internet via GPRS over Bluetooth to a PowerBook? What about using the synchronizing capabilities between a Treo 650 and a PowerBook over Bluetooth? The last I researched it some kind of "conduit" was required (maybe that went away in Tiger).
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    I have never had a PDA2K but I have a Treo 650 (CDMA).

    I sync with my Powerbook with nearly no problems. I also use it as a Bluetooth modem. (quite a bit actually!!!) .... note that at present the BT functionality requires a shadowmite patch. (I'm going to name my next child 'shadowmite'!)

    I love this device. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    I did read about the patch necessary to turn on the dial-up networking for Sprint's version of the phone. I hope that won't be necessary on the GSM version. I already pay for unlimited GPRS data on T-Mobile.

    Thank you for your reply though.

    Do you have Tiger on your PowerBook? Is the "conduit" necessary anymore to get the Treo and the PowerBook to sync?
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    PowerBook G4 17", Tiger, Treo 650 unlocked GSM, T-Mobile Internet (GPRS). Works fine. Install hotsync software from CD. Turn on phone, go to bluetooth app, make discoverable and turn on DUN. Go to PowerBook Bluetooth system preference device section. Add device, it will detect Treo and show it available for data service (not for address book synching). Key here is to have a good modem script. I paid for a shareware app GPRS Script Generator to generate a T-Mobile specific modem script. Worth the money since this script works perfectly with every bluetooth phone I've tested it with. Open iSync app and select Menu->Devices->Enable Palm OS Synching. This will add an iSync conduit to hotsync (and disable the Palm Desktop address and calendar conduits). Select the icon in the iSync app to select the first sync options. Open Hotsync, turn on synching and then press sync on the USB cable to the Treo. You can also sync over bluetooth but it's recommended to synch over USB for the very first sync. Have fun!
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    i have been using the pda2k as my work phone for a while now, I don't have a 650 but have had a 600 for ages. lets put it this way I have now given the number for my treo to my boss and the pda2k just sits in its cradle all day. I admit the pda2k is much better featured than the treo but its nowhere near as nice to use as a combined phone/pda.

    pda2k downsides
    1. size its just too big to carry
    2. user interface - windows mobile is painful to configure with multiple wireless connections, you need to use the stylus far too much.
    3. keyboard - its not a bad stab at a keyboard, unless you have used a treo 600. Then it just seems clumsy.
    4. its quite buggy. I have had a fair few lock ups and crashes even with the standard windows apps.

    treo 650 downsides
    1. limited built in memory
    2. no wifi
    3. a little buggy although seems mostly to be with third party apps.

    I have just ordered my next mobile for myself, I bit the bullet and spent the 400 quid to get the unlocked gsm treo 650. Just hope its as good as my treo 600 has been.
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    One of the things I do like about the PDA2K is that the e-mail application is always running and I have it check my e-mail every 15 minutes (although there is a quirk with this that also annoys me). I run my own mail server at home and I connect to it with IMAPS. Does the built-in e-mail client in the 650 support secure IMAP? Is it always running or will I have to lauch it just to check e-mail. Even better: I believe my IMAP server supports IMAP IDLE; does the Treo e-mail client support this (it would be more like e-mail push since the server would tell the client of new e-mail instead of having the client constantly polling the server)?

    Is there a good source of screenshots for the various applications for the 650 so I can see the user interface? Ideally I'd like to try one out before buying one, but I don't think T-Mobile carries them anymore.

    I've read on there that the built-in web browser, Blazer, isn't a true HTML client and some sites give the browser problems. Is this true or is this more a crippling by the various carriers? Is the an alternate web browser that is more functional for web browsing?
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    If you are running the newest PDA2k ROM (1.40) you shouldn't be having any problems at all. Its extreamly stable.

    If you want the Treo650 for its size, have you looked into the i-mate JAM? Its smaller and faster. I think you will be hard pressed to go from a PPC to a Palm. Quite a downgrade IMO.
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    You can setup Versamail to check email every 15 minutes (or other intervals). It does support IMAP, and I believe you can enable SSL connections in the advanced options. Blazer is true HTML, but of course some sites try to determine the browser and if they don't recognize it may not work (same is true for IE on the PDA2K). I can load the full CNN website for example, but you would need to try the sites you are interested to determine it. There is a full review here on TreoCentral for the 650 (probably the Sprint version), but UI pictures would be basically the same. Again if you get the unlocked GSM (which you would need for T-Mobile) there are no carrier changes to that version.
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    I personallly wouldn't use the hacked bluetooth DUN. It works, but it makes the phone unstable if you try and use it for anything else.

    Sometimes only several soft resets fix it. PDANet is $35 and works perfectly. I've used both extensively and both work just as reliably, but when you disconnect you'll have tons of issues with the hacked DUN. PDANet also automates a few steps so it connects with virtually no effort.

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    I shouldn't have to "hack" the dial-up networking into existence, should I? I'd be buying the unlocked version of the phone so no carrier would have their own firmware in there to disable it, right?

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