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    Well I have been using (playing) with my new Treo 650 (Verizion) for a few days and am impressed. I really like this thing The only problem I am having is the signal strength is low. I rarely ever get 4 bars. I always had great signal strength with my old Motorola T720. I ALWAYS had 4 bars. I never droped calls. It was great. Now with my Treo 650 I have dropped calls and poor connections. I wish I knew it it was inherent to the Treo 650 (hope not) or if the treo I have is defective??

    I want my signal strength back!

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    I'm thinking you're in the wrong forum. This is for Mac and Treo integration. You probably want this forum:
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    Maybe you should exchange it and see if you problem with reception goes away.
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