I just downloaded Agendus Prof for the 650. I also downloaded Agendus for Palm Desktop. These 2 were syncing to each other which is what I wanted. When I finally got versamail to sync w/ my company email it asked me something about syncing the calendar and it appears I said yes when I wanted to say no. This caused my Agendus on the 650 to sync with the Outlook calendar rather than the Agendus for Palm desktop and it overroade what is in my Agendus calendar on the 650.
I want to get my co. email but I only want Agendus on the 650 to sync with Agendus for Palm desktop. I don't see a Hotsync Icon in Agendus for Palm desktop to go in and change this and I cant find how to change this on the 650. It's been a very info learning intensive couple of days with the new 650 and my knowledge and brain are about saturated with this thing. Can anyone help?
Other than this the 650 has been great thusfar. Sorry for the length. Thanks in advance.