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    I just spoke to the rep at a verizon store and he claims that you must have a data plan because the 650 keeps trying to connect. Is that correct?

    If not, can i do a pay as you go on the 650?

    Also he offered me the phone at $400, i got an email from vzw selling it at $300 online- what's the cheapest price you've seen? where?
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    At my Verizon store here, they allowed me to stay on my 7135's use-voice-minutes data plan. The phone was $299 and I was eligible for and used my new-every-two. Bye-bye 7135.

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    thanks sj3.

    i'm not a current verizon customer so i ont know if that will work for me.
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    if you are willing try waiting for amazon.. they are usually pretty cheap with the rebate
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    I have an email to verizon about the data services... it seems some are being allowed to stick with the minutes, while others are forced into the $15 a MB... hmm... I asked very detailed questions... they normally get back to me in 24 hours when I ask a question (twice before over last couple of years), but they have not responded since Monday. We will see....
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    The rep is BSing you. You do NOT need a DP to buy the 650. The 600 had the connect issue.
    My 650 has been data-plan free for 2 weeks and will only try to connect to the Net if you open Blazer. And then, you can easily cancel before it connects.
    Try another rep or store. He probably gets a commish on DPs.
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    thanks all.

    I spoke to a tech service rep and got confirmation that i can drop the data plan...

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