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    FYI for those who have to use palmOne Advanced Exchange:

    1. Treo 650 headset jack detached from logic board Thursday night.
    2. Called palmOne at ~7pm EDT.
    3. Waited on hold < 2 minutes, gave information, received order number and SRO (total of 15-20 minutes).
    4. Received e-mail Saturday morning that a DHL airbill was generated.
    5. Checked Monday, unit hadn't shipped yet.
    6. Received replacement today (Tuesday) at 11am.

    Total time: 3 business days (5 total days)

    Cost: $27
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    I assume this was under the Palm Hardware Warranty?
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    So, are you happy about this? I've had to do it twice now. Frankly, I think it sucks that Palm charges us $25 to exchange a unit that is clearly defective. I'll give them credit for turning it around in a reasonable time frame, but why do we have to foot the bill for the exchange?
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    I agree with the cost if it was next-day. 3-5 days isn't worth $25 (and why did I get billed twenty SEVEN dollars?).
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    Does palm send out a refurb unit or is it new? And do you need to send your unit to them before they send you a replacement?

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    I had an exchange going through Verizon Wireless a few months ago. Called tuesday evening, brand new Treo was at my door on Thursday afternoon. No charge. Packaging provided to send my old treo back at my convenience.
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    As far as I can tell, the replacements from Palm are new. They ship only the phone - you keep your existing battery and all other accessories. They also include a prepaid DHL mailer so you can return the defective unit.
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    I had an unfortunately comical experience on this w/ my Tungsten C that I bought off of ebay. There was a manufacturer problem w/ the wifi piece and the matter was all over web forums about people getting it replaced by Palm since it was a defect on their part. So I called up tech support and after asking where I bought it from he told me the best thing to do would be to return it to ebay. ????!!!!!??? WTF?! (the call center I got was in the Philipines.) I asked if he had ever heard of ebay...he said they had 100s of resaler and retail locations. I told him 'never mind', let's just do the advance exchange. I run my business from my Palm so I couldn't be w/o it for a couple days. The Tungsten C that I got back was definitely not new, but it was in significantly better condition than the one I got from ebay, so I didn't complain. It continues to function to this wife inherited it when I got my Treo 650.

    You don't have to do the advance exchange...the only other option though is to send in yours (you just pay the shipping), and upon their receiving the unit, if they can't repair it, they'll send you a 'new' one. Whether you get a new or refurbished...your mileage may vary.
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    Just got a replacement 650 from Cingular. I paid nothing and received it 3 days after I requested it. I now have 14 days to return the original one. I'm pretty sure I received a refurb but it looks new.
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    I have had several exchanges through Palm and have never been charged. This time they tried to charge me. I don't understand.
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    My wife has gone thru a couple of exchanges with Cingular. Pretty fast and no charge. I know they are refurbs by the little dot in the battery compartment (Cingular rep told me that if it is a white dot...ok, if it is a red dot, moisture issues). Anyway, she is fairly happy with the turn around time.


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