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    I'm trying to find a nice accessible case for my treo, and I like the look of the Piel Frama and the Sena Flip. I was hoping that someone could give me a little heads up to if they have had any success with it, or if there is a case that anyone would recommend for a HEAVY phone user.

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    I use the Piel Frama. I'm fairly happy with it. I like that the belt clip knob is removable. I also like the magnet clasp. It's easy to slip in and out of the case. That can be considered good or bad depending. I was down to the Piel Frama and the Sena as my two choices. I ended up going with the Piel Frama because it seemed to have more coverage around the corners, and drop protection was my primary goal for the case.

    Got the two tone. It's pretty cool looking.
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    I also have the Piel Frama. Things I like: quality of leather and construction, magnetic closure, case covers camera lens (a must-have for me) as well as the screen and keyboard, easy in-and-out (nice if you want to put your Treo in a cradle), slots for two SD cards and a credit card (although they are a PITA to remove!), nice thick leather protection alll around. Things I don't like: useless hole over space button (wish it were over the speaker so I could talk on the phone with the case closed), a bit too thick to carry in my front pocket (I don't care much for belt clips), sound switch not accessible with the case closed (a small hole over the switch would be an easy mod). If I used the belt clip, I would probably prefer one that held the phone in a horizontal position, which the PF clip does not do. All in all, the "don't likes" are very minor for me, and since I am fresh from a recent camera lens mod, I am contemplating a couple of case mods next (holes for the speaker and sound switch).
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    I have the Sena, and the Piel Frama. Quality wise the Piel is superior. On the Sena I had a hard time keeping the flip closed (magnetic). I really like the Piel Frama better than the Sena. The downside with either one is the belt clip causes it to stick out from your hip a little far. On weekends when I dont anticipate using the phone much I switch to a nutshell. The nutshell is really a good case and stays close to the hip. I would use it full time but for me its chancy because droppinga naked Treo is never a good thing.

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