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    I'm a treo new fish, and it seems that I have lost my Dummy Card. I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction to replacing it. I don't use an actual card enough to take up the space.

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    No offense, but if you aren't using enough memory to need a SD card, why do you have a treo? You probably spent a lot of money on it and there are so many awesome things you can do with it. Just get a SD card and start by putting some music on there. Learn what it can do and you will want a SD card.
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    Well, he will eventually get to that, no need to start bashing right away.

    Anyway, filling the slot with a small sd card will be probably easier (and likely cheaper) than obtaining a replacement for the original dummy card... 16 MB cards list for about $7 at amazon...
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    You may even be able to find 16 or 32 mb SD Cards at your local grotery store, or drug store. I see them every where now.
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    You could also try a cell carrier that sells Treos, see if they have dummies. They'll probaly just give it to you for free.
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