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    My ISP (Optimum Online/Cablevision) is blocking port 25, so I can't send mail using it.

    I have a personal domain that I can send and receive on, but 95% of my contacts have my optimum emai. So, using Versamail, I can receive mail on my Optimum account, then have to switch to my other account to send mail.

    Does Snapper, Chatter or any other client allow me to have multiple logins for send/receive? For example, with Versamail, I can specify different different incoming and outgoing mail servers, but only one username/password combination.
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    snapper can do it (have separate smtp account info). i couldn't get it to work with versamail. it assumes that your pop/imap account is the same as your smtp account which i think is stupid.
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    Chatter allows unlimited sending and incoming accounts. At any time, you can send with any "profile".


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