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    Ok fellas, I know it's probably just the limitation of CSD, but is there any way to pump up the bandwidth from the paltry 9600Kpbs to something higher for dial-up service through our Treos? I did a lot of searching on this subject a year ago and basically came to the conclusion it was impossible without HSCSD (pairing together multiple CSD connections to make a faster connection). HSCSD isn't supported over here in the states. EDGE & GPRS are, but you gotta buy the $25 a month MediaNet BS if you don't want a bill charging you up the ying yang in the mail.

    Only reason I really care is I have free 56k dial-up service and it would be nice to utilize it fully. It works (mostly) for email at 9600kpbs, but viewing web pages is a joke...

    Ok, I'm done now...maybe someone knows more than I do?
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