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    no need to flame then...
    I haven't been paying attention to is too much...dumped them as soon as i got my 180
    the verizon still need the update for fixes or is it already in there?
    such as the nvfs patch if there is any question as to what i am askin....
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    The best coverage where I need it. I agree with you re: the data but I don't need much. What fixes are you refering to and where to check and I will try to check. Been obsessed with this nifty little thing and I lost track of time. Six hours with out coming up for air till now.

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    For example my DocsToGo main file went from 467K to 382K memory used...just the one file...not the the entire docstogo
    pocket tunes is 505k compared to 685K before...
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    also...since your on verizon...
    can you request on a read receipt on a sms (not MMS) message?
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